Funeral Flowers

We work very hard to make our tributes personal to our client’s wishes, to give good value for money and excellent service. Our floristry can be everything from the traditional wreath to complex bespoke designs. Just as important is our administration of funeral services.

We make a point to double check all funeral arrangements with funeral directors on our clients behalf in order to make sure the logistics involved and always ensure that our clients know they can trust us to handle our part of the arrangements of their loved one’s funeral with the greatest of care and discretion. 

Please do give us a call or pop in and see us for any guidance.



Flowers By Susan has been selected from hundreds of nominees to go through to the final 12 florists in the 2016 Good Funeral Awards.

“The Good Funeral Awards recognise exceptional service to bereaved people from all aspects of the funeral industry and supporting services. By progressing this far, Flowers By Susan has already demonstrated outstanding professionalism, empathy and a willingness to go the extra mile,” said Fran Hall, C.E.O of The Good Funeral Guide.

“The Good Funeral Awards recognise all those unsung heroes who work so hard for the bereaved and whose role can so easily be overlooked. Some of the nicest people in Britain work in the funeral business.” Brian Jenner, the event organiser.