Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Poignant connection to Princess Diana at FIRST appearance

09 July 2018

The newlyweds stepped out in Nottingham last December to visit the Terrence Higgins Trust charity to mark World AIDS Day.

The Apprentice favourite Elizabeth McKenna, who runs her own floristry business, was given the honour of creating a bouquet which local schoolchildren presented to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle on her first official outing as a couple.

Speaking exclusively to, the fan favourite said sincerely: “It was a once in a lifetime thing.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a couple of royal events in my career,” she continued. “And I’ve been lucky enough to have made bundles for the Duchess of Wessex at one point, but that particular bouquet will probably be the most special.”

All bouquets are special, she added, because of the meaning they have for each individual and what they can signify, but Meghan’s was important to Elizabeth thanks to the number of people who witnessed the beautiful bundle.

“It’s something I’m proud of personally,” she said.

Elizabeth also revealed the touching nod to Prince Harry’s mother Princess Diana which she included in the highly personal bouquet. 

Explaining that it featured forget-me-nots, she said: “[They] were Diana’s favourite flowers.”

She also used purple and white flowers, which were the colours of the school who were able to present the Duchess with the bouquet.

“And we also bound it in lace, which is because where they were going to was the Lace Market,” Elizabeth divulged.

Opening up about the honour of creating such a piece, she said: “The only other person that will actually see what that looks like in their hand is the person who it’ll be given to. Nobody else sees that.

“That’s the most personal thing, because you’re looking at it the same way they would.”

The day Prince Harry and Meghan visited Nottingham also saw Elizabeth branch out into a whole new venture.

As she prepares to take over BBC Radio Nottingham for the 5am-6am slot every day next week, she revealed it was actually then that she first impressed bosses behind the scene at her local radio station.

“The whole world congregated about a 250 yard square of Nottingham waiting for them,” she recalled.

Explaining how the world’s media had been gathered waiting for the couple, she said: “I chatted a little bit to a couple of the radio presenters there and filled in a couple of gaps for them while they were waiting for Meghan and Harry.”

Elizabeth also credits building a good relationship with the broadcaster since her time on The Apprentice with her new journey into radio, saying people got to know “maybe a little bit more to me than that mad person chasing chickens on The Apprentice”.

She called the prospect of next week’s shows: “Exciting, ominous, nerve-wracking.

“The BBC, in their wisdom, have decided to give me control of a radio station for a certain amount of time. What could possibly happen?” she quipped.

“I did an initial broadcast on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon and I’ve got a week of early breakfast shows coining up next week and I’m really super excited about it,” she added.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Poignant connection to Princess Diana at FIRST appearance