Elizabeth McKenna



I am Elizabeth McKenna. My middle name is Susan. I am the owner of Flowers by Susan. You may recognise me from the BBC Apprentice 2017.  I am very proud to have finished in the 4th place candidate as semi finalist behind 3 incredible candidates.  I am the potty florist from Nottingham.

Follow this link for my personal website http://www.elizabethmckenna.co.uk 

My flower shops are in Nottinghamshire. I lead a team of highly skilled florists. I was born in Australia,  I still have my Australian passport, and have lived in the UK since 1991. My mum is from Leicestershire and she was a £10 pom. 

I am highly experienced in the flower industry. I have worked at all levels from trainee to director and also in the eduational and training realms as a lecturer.  I sit on the British Florist Association committee designing the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship standard for the Floristry industry. 

My new concept for flowers is Lizzies bundles take a look here. It is a unqiue approach to presenting and selling flowers as gift bundles. Just select the bundle colour, select the bundle size and we deliver Nationally next day.  It is directly related to my Apprentice business plan which is the supply of flowers for business, a service of floral gifting.  I am very excited to launch it in 2018, we are currently onboarding with the Ariba catalogue. 

Please do get in touch at enquiries@flowersbysusan.co.uk if you would like more information on flowers for your business's needs and how we can help.

Life in the flower shop can get a little potty, I am a bit bonkers, but that’s the fun of it. There is always something happening.

Social media is best on instagram: @elizabeth_mckenna1  or  twitter:  @lizzie_mckenna1  My personal website is elizabethmckenna.co.uk

I am a lover of dogs. I have Matilda and Daisy my Australian Cattle Dogs.  I have been known to fall off a horse, and trust me when you are my size its a long way down!   

I am very proud to have been able to make the presentation posy for Meghan Markle on the frist public engagement of Prince Harry and Miss Markle in Nottingham. Meghans flowers can be seen here.

I am available for motivational, educational and entrepreneurial speaks, demonstrations and other events. Please contact  jen@mwartistmanagement.com with media related enquiries or my team enquiries@flowersbysusan.co.uk.